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Educational Affiliation Policies and Procedures

University policy requires that any off site entity supervising or providing educational instruction to University students enter into a mutually acceptable affiliation agreement with the University of Oklahoma Board of Regents. Students should not be sent to an off-site entity unless there is a fully executed agreement in place. The terms and conditions of such agreements are negotiated through University representatives in Academic Affairs and University Legal Counsel. Effective March 1, 2011, Academic Affairs serves as the office of record and authorized signatory for all such affiliations. Any agreement that is not processed through Academic Affairs after this date will not be acknowledged by the University and should be immediately terminated pending re-negotiation through proper University channels.

Policy for New Agreements

It is the responsibility of each college/department to identify and initiate affiliation agreements required for their student’s rotations or clinical instruction. An agreement is initiated by contacting the site/sponsor with the approved template for review.  When the template is received back from the site, or the site sends their template for use, the department-approved routing form and the agreement should be forwarded to Academic Affairs. It is strongly advised that colleges/departments initiate this process at least three months in advance of any student beginning at the off site location to allow for adequate time to negotiate and ensure timely execution of the agreement before commencement of the rotation.  Academic Affairs will process new agreements on a first in, first out basis.  An explanation reviewed and approved by the dean of the college will be required for any circumstances that necessitate an exception to this standard first in, first out process.

Policy for Renewal of Agreements

Each department/college is responsible for tracking and maintaining the status of all their affiliations.  However, Academic Affairs will assist in the maintenance of affiliation agreements by providing a quarterly query of the affiliation agreements set to expire within six months.  It is the responsibility of the department/college to review this report and initiate the renewal of any agreement that will continue to be required by their students.  It is advised that colleges/departments initiate the renewal of the agreement no less than three months prior to the termination of the current agreement.   This period is to allow adequate time to initiate the negotiation process prior to the start of the rotation.

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