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College Financing Plan - Isakson & Roe Section 1018 Requirements

FAQ - Public Law No: 116-315 (Isakson & Roe) section 1018

The College Financing Plan was created to help students compare college costs.  You must apply for financial aid in order to receive a College Financing Plan with program cost and aid eligibility.  Student data will only appear if you have submitted a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  Veteran educational benefits will only appear if you have turned in all required documents and the Veteran  Certification of Eligibility Form.  Contact the Veteran School Certifying Official if you would like an estimated financing plan. 

College Financing Plan

Your College Financing Plan will be available through the Student Self Service Portal once your financial aid offer has been processed. 

VA Financing Plan FAQ's

         1.  Graduation Rate  

    2.  Graduation Timeline – Academic Programs
         List of Programs by College  

         3.  College Navigator   

         4.  VA Comparison Tool   

         5.  G.I. Bill® Comparison Tool 

         6.  Academic Counseling can be scheduled directly with your College’s Program Academic Advisor.
              College of Allied Health
              College of Dentistry
              College of Medicine
              College of Nursing
              College of Pharmacy
              College of Public Health
              Graduate College

         7.   Financial Counseling  
              Federal financial aid is available for those who qualify; however, OUHSC is unable to provide a more robust
              calculation of cost of attendance if you do not apply. All students are encouraged to complete the Free
              Application for Federal Student Aid (
FAFSA), even if the need for federal aid is unknown.

         8.  Disability Counseling 

         9.  Job Placement Rates
              OUHSC does not track job-placement rates.

        10.  Transfer credits – including military credits.
               Transfer Credit and Equivalency
               Military Service Credit
               Academic Forgiveness Provisions for Undergraduate Students
               Prior Learning Assessment Credit

         11.  Licensing/Certification requirements for jobs   
                Depending on the program, some degrees require licensing/certification exams in order to to find employment
                upon graduation.  In order to ascertain whether or not your program requires such an exam, please inquire with
                your department and by following the provided link.  

         12.  Other types of Federal financial aid, not administered by Veteran Affairs, that the individual might be qualified
                to receive.

                OUHSC financial aid packages are applied automatically to your bill upon acceptance of the aid. The amount you are
                awarded is split between the fall and spring semesters and determined by application to federal and state agencies.
                Examples of these other types of aid include, but are not limited to, BIA, ASGOG, SEOG, OHLAP, OTAG, Pell grants,
                tuition waivers/scholarships, and multiple departmental scholarships.  You must apply for financial aid in order to
                receive a shopping sheet with aid eligibility included.

         13.  Other aid packages offered by different educational institutions.

         14.  G.I. Bill® Chapter Information

         15.  USDOE College Scorecard

         16.  OUHSC VA FAQs

         17.  Amount of costs that are covered by VA education benefits.
                VA educational benefits are limited to a monthly stipend and/or payment of mandatory tuition
                and fees. VA education benefits only pay stipends for the months school attendance is reported.
                Those payments are prorated for partial months and are based on the exact start/end dates
                of your coursework. A beneficiary attending school for the approximate 8 months of the fall and
                spring semesters will use approximately that many months of benefit.
                Chapter 33 provides additional funding (up to $1,000 per academic year) to help offset the cost
                of books/supplies. Chapter 31 education benefits cover the entire cost of books/supplies. The
                other VA educational benefits (Chapters 30, 35, and 1606) only provide a monthly stipend that is
                dependent on your rate of pursuit and benefit type that can be used to help pay for tuition and
                fees – no additional books/supplies stipend is awarded.

         18.  Military Leave

                Student Request for Military Leave of Absence (MLOA) Form