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Basic Definition and Information

The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center is a state-supported institution of higher education supported by legislative funds derived from State of Oklahoma tax revenue. As a state tax-supported institution, the University gives preference in tuition pricing to residents of the State of Oklahoma.

The University’s definition of the term "resident" may be different from the definitions developed by other agencies or institutions. The University does not recognize declarations of resident status made by other agencies. Thus, a person who is an Oklahoma resident for tax or voting purposes is not necessarily a resident for The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center tuition purposes.  Mere assertion by a student such as checking “In-State” on the application for admission is insufficient.


The University follows the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education Policy Statement on Residency Status for Tuition Purposes. The full text of the policy can be found in Section 3.18 of the Oklahoma State Regents Policy and Procedures Manual.

Basic Definition of Resident Status

Resident status is granted to financially independent adults who are permanently residing in Oklahoma and who have been physically and continuously present in the State of Oklahoma for at least one calendar year prior to the first day of class attendance at any Oklahoma institution of higher education; and who, during this one-year period, resided in Oklahoma for some reason other than primarily to attend classes at a post-secondary educational institution.
Resident status for tuition purposes is based on the location of your permanent domicile. Domicile has two components, residence and intent to remain indefinitely. A person can have more than one residence, but only one domicile.

Attendance at an educational institution, albeit a continuous and long-term experience, is interpreted as temporary residence. Therefore, a student neither gains nor loses resident status solely by such attendance.

Each application for admission and residency petition is judged on its own merit using the guidelines and regulations established by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education. It is the student’s responsibility to provide documentation to support a petition for in-state tuition classification. Petitions will be reviewed based upon the merits of the documentation supplied. 

Supporting Evidence or Documentation

Actions, such as the following, may help to support an application for resident tuition status insofar as they apply to the Basic Definition of Resident Status: maintaining a permanent home/domicile in Oklahoma for at least 12 months prior to the first day of class attendance at any Oklahoma institution of higher education; listing Oklahoma as your tax state with the military; listing Oklahoma as state of residence on Federal and Oklahoma Tax Returns; paying and filing Oklahoma state taxes; Oklahoma automobile registration and driver’s license; evidencing in some convincing way intent to remain in Oklahoma indefinitely after graduation (in other than a graduate or professional student capacity); owning property and paying state property taxes, voter registration in Oklahoma. All of these things will be taken into consideration as part of a petition for in-state tuition classification, but are not in and of themselves sufficient to establish residency.

The issue of intent to remain in Oklahoma after completing one’s education is important in reclassifying financially independent adult students. Each individual must present his or her own special set of circumstances, along with documentation, to support the contention that he or she intends to remain in Oklahoma after graduation or ceasing to enroll as a student. Verification of full-time employment after graduation is an example of documentable intent to remain. This is not the only means to establish this intent. All materials and circumstances presented by the student will be considered, but the evidence must clearly and convincingly show a student’s intent to stay in Oklahoma.  

In-State/Out-of-State Decisions

The OUHSC Office of Admissions and Records is authorized to make determinations for in-state/out-of-state classification for its individual students, either at the time of initial application, or as the result of a petition for in-state residency.  If you have any questions regarding residency issues, contact or call (405)271-2359, ask to speak to an Admissions Officer.  

Review the Policy by Section

OSRHE Policy on In-State/Out-of-State Tuition Policy
3.18.3 Principles
3.18.4 Dependent and Independent Persons
3.18.5 Documented Foreign Nationals
3.18.6 Undocumented Students
3.18.7 Uniformed Services and Other Military Service/Training
3.18.7 Reserve Officer Training Corps
3.18.8 Full-Time Professional Practitioner or Worker