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Enrollment Changes

Students are permitted to add new course(s) or drop courses after the initial registration with the approval of the instructor and dean of the college when required. The final date to process an initial enrollment falls on the last day of the first week of classes in fall and spring semesters and the third day of an 8-week summer session.

A student who drops a course during the first two weeks of classes (first week of Summer session) receives no grade. Undergraduate students dropping from the third week (second week of Summer session) through the twelfth week (sixth week of a Summer session) and Graduate or Professional students dropping from third week (second week of Summer session) through the tenth week (fifth week of Summer session), will receive a grade of “W.”  Beginning the thirteenth week (seventh week of  Summer session) for Undergraduate students and eleventh week (sixth week of Summer session) for Graduate and Professional students through the remainder of the term, drops are permitted by direct petition to the dean of the college in which the student is enrolled.  The student who drops with permission of the dean will receive a final grade of “W” or “F” at the discretion of the instructor. Graduate College Students must be passing a course with a grade of “C” or better to drop a course with a “W.”

See official Academic Calendar for specific dates.

Add/Drop Process:  Obtain the appropriate Add/Drop designation (grade) and a signature from the instructor of each course on the add/drop form; Obtain a signature from the college dean or designee; Submit the completed form with all signatures and dates, as noted at the bottom, to Admissions and Records, LIB 121. It is the student's responsibility to complete this form accurately and completely.

Professional Students: Clinical instructor signatures are not required.

A student may not drop any course in which a violation of academic integrity is pending against the student.

International students need to consult with an Admissions and Records Immigration Advisor before dropping courses or withdrawing for the semester. Dropping below full-time can put a student's visa status in jeopardy.

Add/Drop Form

For assistance, please contact your College or Office of Admissions and Records at (405) 271-2359.