Academic Calendar

Academic Calendars

Spring 2019

Any calendar is subject to change when it is determined to be in the best interest of the University to do so.





Enrollment period (including add/drop) Oct 29 - Jan 11
Cancellation deadline at 5 p.m. Jan 11
Classes begin Jan 14
Late enrollment period ($50 late enrollment fee) Jan 14-28
Final date to enroll Jan 18
Last date to pay fees/tuition without service charge Feb 15
Final date of full term Spring classes May 3
Final examination period May 6-10
Final date to pay fees/tuition without $50 late fee May 10
Final date of term May 10
Commencement Weekend May 10-11
Final grades due May 14



Final day to change from Audit to Credit Jan 28
Final day to change from Credit to Audit Mar 29



Final date to add a class Jan 18
No refund on Dropped Courses after this date Jan 28
No record of Grade on Dropped Course Jan 14-28
Automatic grade of "W" for a dropped course Jan 29 - Feb 22
Grade of "W" or "F" for a dropped course Feb 25 - May 3
Petition to college dean to drop a course (with grade of "W" or "F") Apr 1 - May 3



100% refund on complete withdrawals Jan 14-28
No refund on complete withdrawal after this date Jan 28
Automatic grade of 'W' for complete withdrawal Jan 29 - Feb 22
Grade of "W" or "F" on complete withdrawal Feb 25 - May 3
Withdrawal - After Financial Aid 60% point in time Mar 29
Final date to withdraw from all courses May 3



Final date to file as a candidate for master's degree Feb 4
Final date to file application for diploma Mar 1
Final date to submit thesis/dissertation reading copy Apr 12
Final date to schedule comprehensive examination Apr 19
Final date to request thesis/dissertation defense Apr 19
Final date for oral defense of thesis/dissertation May 3
Commencement Weekend May 10-11



Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Jan 21
Spring vacation ** Mar 16-24



May Intersession Registration Apr 1 - May 10
May Intersession May 13 - 31

 ** Program directors and chairs are responsible for determining who will be allowed to take the
holiday due to clinical responsibilities and/or whose absence would disrupt patient care.